Code Audit Services Secure Mobile Apps for Online Movie Ticket Sales Provider

The Challenge

The movie ticket sales provider had identified developing mobile applications as a priority, but like the vast majority of organizations, they were unaware of how secure (or unsecure) those applications were.

Research shows 99% of Android applications are not properly protected.

With such a high number of downloads, mainly for the purpose of purchasing movie tickets over their mobile devices, security was a major concern for the client. Unprotected, this could open the door to potential security threats and hack attempts leading to illegal acquisition of proprietary source code and customer information, including credit cards.

The Solution

RIIS performed security code audit services on all of the online moviegoer destination’s mobile apps and APIs. The mobile applications included iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. RIIS then recommended fixes using best practices and code obfuscation to prevent source code decompilation for all of the discovered security issues.

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