Entrepreneur.com Suggests – Make Security a Priority From the Start

We were impressed by an article published on Entrepreneur.com by Ben Weitzenkorn urging small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs with mobile apps to “Make security a priority from the start.”

Weitzenkorn points to the story of dating app Tinder and it’s security oversight that was found and exposed by a developer after estimated millions of people had downloaded the app.

Among the tips offered in the article for avoiding security breaches like this (and the PR nightmares) they can create was suggestion to make security a priority from the start – and we couldn’t agree more!

Get it Right the First Time

  1. Make security a priority.
  2. Develop an understanding of mobile app security risks – and take the appropriate measures to secure your app and your data.
  3. Even if your inhouse developers have checked your mobile app for security leaks, consider having a third-party audit prior to launching your app.

Finding the leaks before you launch will ensure a safe user experience and a secure environment for your sensitive data.

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