Only 1% of Android™ applications have properly protected source code!

  • The other 99% of applications out there are exposed to security threats from hackers.
  • In many cases, these applications are connected to a back-end database which may include credit card numbers, employee information like social security numbers, and proprietary source code.
  • Not properly protecting this information could be very costly for an organization, and potentially lead to legal ramifications.

Why is Android a concern?

Android was built on top of Java. Java just comes along for the ride. Android is on 1,000s of hardware devices.

User Concerns

Users are concerned about their information. If they download your app:

  • Will the data they supply to you be given to anyone else?
  • Will their username and password be safe as it travels from their device to your systems?
  • Will your app “keep its hands to itself” and not attempt to extract data from other apps on their device?
  • Will your systems protect the data they’ve given you, like credit card information, usernames and passwords, etc.

Data Vulnerability

You and your users share one major concern – data vulnerability.

Users want to know that their data is safe in your hands. Your reputation (and your protection from lawsuits) depends on you keeping it safe.

As a responsible app developer, minimizing data vulnerability should be on the top of your list of required features for your app.


Your reputation is on the line. Respect it and protect it by making data security a priority in your mobile app development process.

Are you confident that the design of your app ensures proper security protection?

It’s more than just user names, passwords and credit card information.  What if your contact files were being hacked as you are using your favorite app?

Obfuscation is only an initial step in properly securing your APK source code.  Let the experts at RIIS show you if your app has security concerns and, if so. how to eliminate these.

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