RIIS has been building custom IT solutions for over 14 years. You can trust your project will be handled by experienced technology professionals and intuitive business leaders working through a time-tested process for end-to-end development.

Meeting Your Development Needs

We have experience with a wide variety of systems, languages, devices and environments and we understand the real-world applications of technology solutions. Engage our development teams for:

  • Mobile Development – Learn more about our experience in designing and building mobile applications that meet a variety of business needs.
  • Mobile Security – See how RIIS is leading the way in ensuring security for customer data and company records in mobile computing.
  • SOA (Services Oriented Applications) – Learn how we can streamline your service-oriented business with efficient IT solutions.
  • Cloud-based IT Solutions – Let us help you determine how cloud-based solutions can help improve your business.
  • Website Tuning – Learn how we can develop an ideal web experience for your customers.
  • Data Management – See how we can help you turn your data management challenges into opportunities.
  • eCommerce – From simple shopping carts to enterprise level payment systems, learn how we can develop an eCommerce system that meets your needs.
  • Custom Projects – How can we help you reach your goals?

Our Development Process

Our clients return to us again and again because they trust our process. Whether we’re developing a mobile app or re-engineering a call center, our end-to-end process ensures success.

When you engage RIIS, your project will flow through each of these steps:

  • Business Analysis – We’re committed to meeting your business needs. Learn how we identify requirements and involve stakeholders throughout the development process.
  • User Interface Design – Delivering a product that is user-friendly and efficient means involving the end-user right from the beginning. See how our user-interface design helps guide the project.
  • Technical Design – Using business requirements and user interface needs, we architect, prototype and test solutions. See how this aids in efficient development and satisfactory results.
  • Technical Development – Though many technology firms consider this “the job”, technical development is the final piece of our development process. See how we bring together a variety of tools to create a custom technology solution that meets your needs.