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Security Policy Enforcer Report

Security Policy Enforcer (SPE) checks a series of permissions requested by your app, the percentage obfuscation (the process of encrypting or “hiding” usernames and passwords), database, sd-card and file access permissions as well as database encryption and http access.

While each policy is tested differently, the basic idea is that SPE extracts the executable code from the APK and scans it for any security holes.  If it finds an issue, it will identify which policy is being flagged and where the violation is occurring in the code.  SPE does not need access to the developer’s code.

How it Works

  1. Upload your APK (Android application file).
  2. Our system will check your file against top security risks.
  3. We’ll provide you with a report with the red flags it has found.

Appropriate for: This service is appropriate for those that have the skill set to analyze the report and implement changes to the code based on the findings. It’s also a good start for those that want to test their app’s security level in order to determine if further investigation, such as the Code Audit below, is warranted.

Run the SPE on Your App

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